The Formula for Blessing

The Formula for Blessing


So, I love seeing God work!  A lot of times we see God work in the BIG things… but today I’m sharing how God works even in the small things.

Over this past Christmas break my family and I were out of town visiting Tahoe.  While there, I received a text from a friend of mine who let’s me know when she has extra formula and donations for our center.  She texted me to let me know she had some formula for me to pick up.  I told her that my family and I were out of town and I’d be happy to come by when we returned home.

But…. I forgot!  Life is busy, I was sick, and it completely slipped my mind. 

The new year came, and I returned back to work.  On Wednesday, January 8th while working at the center a regular client came in looking for formula.  Not just any formula, but a specific kind of formula, Nutrimagen.  I looked through our supply and found none.  Then my mind remembered the text had received 10 days earlier.  I told the client, “I might have someone who has this kind of formula to donate, I will call you today if it’s the same kind.”

When I checked the text message again, there was the name of the formula in the text, Nutrimagen!

I immediately texted my friend back telling her what just happened and that I would be by that afternoon to grab it!  I also called the client and shared the news, and they were so thankful!

Well, that afternoon came and went, and our house got hit with LICE that afternoon, ugh!!!  So, guess what with the formula?  I forgot…. Again!

Thursday comes and I’m humming through my day when later that afternoon I find myself in our playroom with my youngest daughter and come across an old sketch book.  Thumbing through I find a page with a drawing that is not either of my daughter’s handwriting.  I asked my oldest daughter, “Who drew this picture, do you remember?”  She replied, “I don’t know, I think it was Jordan, yeah Jordan drew that!” 

My mind thought of Jordan and realized, oh the formula!  The friend who texted me was Jordan’s mom!  I ran right out that evening and picked up that formula! 

I love how God works in the details.  He is concerned about formula, and what that means to this young family that I now get to share this beautiful story with to show them how much God loves them!  Remember to stop and pause in the details, you might just find God in the middle of them.

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Wednesday, 08 December 2021