Pregnancy Counseling Services is excited to announce that we will be moving to our new location: 3105 Cedar Ravine Suite 103 downtown Placerville in early July. Take note : as of June 10 we will NOT be at the Main Street address. We here at Pregnancy Counseling Services are working hard to prepare the new facility for our clients and are super excited to be able to serve you in early July from our new location. Rest assured, If you need us we are still here, please call us at (530) 626-6720 to see how we can help. We will not be able to offer resource services or in house appointments, however , we are doing over the phone counseling and zoom appointments. Please see our contact information below.

Volunteer Corner: Cindy Stevens

What year did you begin at PCS? I began volunteering at PCS in early 2016.

What were some of your reasons for doing so? I had recently retired and I had always planned to find an organization where I could donate some of my time and apply some of the gifts and skills I had acquired from over 35 years working. Upon hearing from a dear friend how PCS opens their doors to help women of all ages who are facing planned or unplanned pregnancies, and without judgment, I knew PCS was the organization that I wanted to support!

What do you enjoy about working at PCS? When I am at PCS, I love knowing that we are providing help and support to young girls and women who in many cases feel they have no where to turn to obtain answers to their questions. In addition to enjoying the one-on-one interaction that we have with our clients, I also really enjoy being involved in our annual fundraiser, which provides me the opportunity to speak with businesses and churches in El Dorado county and tell them about PCS.

How have you seen God work at PCS? I have definitely seen God's work at PCS, in both the lives of our clients and in our business and church community. Its very exciting as we watch our clients go through and complete our Earn While You Learn Program with a newly found maturity, confidence and excitement for caring for their children, which I definitely attribute to God's work in the lives of these women.

Are you interested in volunteering, or just want more information?  Click to email Malinda Schroeder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Community Events: 10th Annual Break Free Run
Thank you Pleasant Oaks Baptist Church!!


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Sunday, 12 July 2020